UVC Sterilization & Disinfection Lamp by Real Hand

7,900.00 3,160.00


  • Explosion Poof Quartz Tube.
  • Three gear Control.
  • Beanty Appearance.
  • Radar Sensor.
  • Sterilization & Kill Mites.
  • High Permeability UV.


  • 360 Degree Sterilization.
  • Long Lifespan.
  • UVC + Ozone is Used to  disinfect virus and Bacteria from your Home, Office , Work stations .etc.
  • It consist auto motion sensor.
  • If moving object moves around lamp ,It will automatically stop and will not be work so that this will not affected human beings.
  • Different Timers Available to be set up.

Package Includes:-


Are you Worried About Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safety in this Covid Situation ? Want to Get Assure on Complete Sanitization Of your Home or Office? Here We have the Solution , Global Miira presents UV Sterilizing or Disinfection lamp. For Complete Sanitization. It Emits UV Rays for sanitization. For the Blind Spots it releases Ozone Gas which kills mites and bacterias. Thus In 15-30-60 minutes (Timer) of this machine you can sanitize your place.Then for what are you waiting for, Grab your UVC LAMP now and make yourself and your Loved ones safe in this covid.


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